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July 30, 2013
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CA: Kieran O'Connell by Stabrina CA: Kieran O'Connell by Stabrina
So I found a SNK group!! I'm seriously pumped!! Good luck everyone trying out!! And really sorry for the wall of words!!
I saw quite a lot of "loners", "saw XXX being eaten in front of me" and "want to save humanity" characters so I wanted to try something different~! I wanted to dye part of his hair but decided against it.

Task 1: /You are here/
Task 2: /See Below/ >3A Part 1</
Task 3A: >Part 1< | >Part 2<
Task 3B: >Part 1<

General Information:

Name: Kieran O'Connell (Kee-ren Oh-k-ah-n-uh-l)
Nicknames: Kie/Kee/Key, Red, som kiad (precious/treasure by Haimi when alone)
Age: 19
Birthday: 2nd February 831
Astrological Sign: Aquarius | Chinese Zodiac: Boar
Squad: Scouting Legion [Stationary]
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Even the straightest noodle will bend when wet. //coughcough
Height: 180.34 cm | 5 ft 11 inches
Weight: 71.1 kg | 156.7lbs
Ethnicity: Irish
“Hey there~! You wanna be friends?”
“It's not our pasts that define us... It's whether or not we choose to let it."


:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletwhite: | Combat: 9
:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite: | Agility: 7
:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite: | Teamwork: 5
:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite: | Defense: 4
:bulletred::bulletred::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite: | Strategy: 2

Total: 27


I wanted to add more but figured it best to not put in anymore words.
★Friendly: (+) One’s first impression of Kieran would be that he is a jovial, extremely friendly guy who is eager to please and befriend just about anything that moves. He is extremely easy going for the most part, doesn’t seem to take situations as seriously as they should and does his best to get along with others. He does not get to know people on just the basics; he really does try to honestly get to know them at a personal level. He's a talker and doesn't mind getting to know the quiet ones.

★Loyal: (+) Family, friends, comrades, leaders, as long as they have his respect, he will stand by them till the grave. He will keep any promise or oath no matter how stupid it may be.

★Foolhardy: (+/-) He believes that anything can be achieved through hard work and endurance and doesn‘t believe in luck or ‘natural talent’. He will try at something until he succeeds, even if it means he dies in the process.

★"Pacifist": (+/-) Is what he claims to be. Anyone who has chanced a hostile encounter with him in a back alley would say otherwise. Due to his happy-go-lucky outer appearance, most simply assume he's harmless -something he constantly claims to be. Few will ever see him show an outward state of bloodlust.

★Idealist: (+/-) Kieran is far from practical when it comes to his beliefs. He is illogical in believing he can eradicate the titan race and create a utopia outside of the walls. Despite being told that many times, he is adamant on realizing this dream of his. When things do not work out as planned, he can become depressed which will result in searching for a place to be alone –for a week.

★Deceptive Innocence: (-)Kieran controls every single emotion he shows. He only shows what he wants to show even if it’s the complete opposite of what he feels. If angered or saddened, he’ll remain smiling and pretend to mistake something like an insult as a compliment. If he dislikes the person, he will make subtle insults while appearing to mean nothing by it. Although he seems to be close to everyone, he’s actually extremely aloof and chooses to tie as little emotions to the person as possible. His smile is not only made to be a mask but is made because of a promise he made with his sister.

★Brick wall: (-) He is immovable in his opinions. He refuses to believe what he doesn‘t like even when the proof is in front of him. This makes it extremely hard for anyone to talk some sense into him or correct him. One would have to be someone he truly cares for or respects before he’ll begin to consider that he may be wrong.

★Borderline Yandere: (-) He's not the extreme cases that will kill anyone who gets to close to the one he loves (unless they intend to harm), but he is extremely, extremely invested in their well being and having them close by. So much so that it is obsessive. He is more than willing to tie and lock up someone he cares about in a place where only he can find them if he deems it as necessary for their safety. He is also rather possessive of his friends and has a hard time allowing others to befriend them as he does wish for that person's attention alone. (Which is ironic since he has multiple friends) It's not a noticeable trait if you're regular friends. However, if you have an intimate relationship (friendship or romantic) it will become obvious. But by then, it would be too late to escape. Girls. Run. Run far far away.


May be rewritten to shorten.
Birth - 8 years old: 831, Kieran was born to an upper class couple who had chosen to make their living within the Wall of Maria. His mother owned a restaurant while his father, a thriving business. His parents were kind folk; but as the rich usually are, unconsciously flaunted their money by purchasing the better mansion, clothes and the finer things in life.

The O’Connells had been family friends with the Askelands for many years and often met up. The Askeland family too had a son Kieran’s age, Evan. While Evan was a rambunctious child, Kieran knew his place and had learnt to control his emotions from a very young age. Out of the two, he was the quieter one, but that did not mean he did not act out as a regular boy at times with his best friend. Those two were no less than brothers.

At the age of 3, a younger sister by the name of Ciara was brought into his life.

For his monthly allowance, Kieran would help his mother by delivering food to the soldiers on the wall. It was because of this that he learnt of the existence of the titans. Although he wished to tell Evan of them, his parents had forbidden him to do so. So, being the obedient child he was, he kept his lips sealed. But, it was because of that incident that his interest in these monsters sparked.

He had also met and befriended Haimi during this time, but as she was just passing through and they were both very young, they simply forgot about the whole encounter.

9 years old: Aimee O’Connell was born. A few months after this happy occasion, the Askeland family had decided to move behind the Wall of Sina. Kieran found out the day of. Not knowing what else to do, he found Evan and the two ran away. Alone, they made a blood pact to always remain brothers in both life and in death. On his right hand, he marked the beginning of their blood pact. A deep cut that would remain as a reminder for the rest of his life.

Eventually, the two were found and separated.

10 - 12 years old: At the age of ten, Kieran’s mother was killed after being thrown off her horse and trampled. Stricken with grief, his father quickly spiraled and his business went under. Gaining an affinity for alcohol and gambling, most of the family’s money was spent within the year. Frustration from his father was often delivered to Kieran through unnecessary beatings. His sisters were never harmed as Kieran would hide them when their father returned drunk.

It was during this time period that Kieran learnt how to take abuse without flinching.

13 years old: His father was beaten to death by loan sharks after they couldn’t meet another impossible payment. After that, the orphans had to vacate their (empty) manor and were taken in by a small, local orphanage situated deeper within Maria. Although they prayed that they wouldn’t be separated, 4-year-old Aimee was adopted by a rich elderly couple from Sina, leaving her siblings back at the orphanage. Since that day, they had lost all contact with her.

14 years old: The day that the titans attacked, everything went to chaos. Luckily, the orphanage was situated close to the escaping ships. Being the first ones to board the ships, Kieran and Ciara did not witness the slaughter. But, what they could not see was made up for by the deafening screams and chaos going on a ways off. It was just as their ship began to move that Kieran caught sight of a titan. One much larger than the regular 15m class. One that shattered Wall Maria. The sight of which had tattooed itself onto Kieran’s mind.

15 years old: Now in Trost, Kieran and Ciara lived on the streets as all the orphanages were packed and couldn’t afford to feed any more. As work was lacking, Kieran would often steal food from the market place. One place he would frequent most often was the bakery to steal bread. Of course he knew it was wrong, but it was either that or starve. It was also during this time that Kieran learnt how to defend himself and his sister by picking up street fighting.

One day, Kieran was passing by the bakery when he spotted a loaf of bread sitting outside with a note attached to it, meaning that it was for him. Confused but overjoyed, he took the bread home and gave it to his sister to eat –as they had gone to bed hungry the night before. Bringing it home, he told Ciana to have it all, lying that he’d already eaten.

How could he have known that the bread had been stuffed with rat’s poison?
How could he have known that it would have killed his sister within a few days?

A few days after he buried her body, the baker’s home burnt down, taking the baker with it. Police suspected foul play, but arrested no one, as there were no eyewitnesses to the event or evidence left behind.
Note: If a right amount of rat’s poison is ingested, since it contains Warfarin, blood vessels can burst and cause internal bleeding. The baker had only meant to make the siblings sick, but since Ciara had eaten everything, it was lethal.

16-18 years old: Thanks to the government sending a majority of the refugees to retake Maria, the food shortage had been stopped and jobs had picked up again. Kieran had been able to find a job as a bartender, which is ironic because he hates alcohol.

This was around the time he met Haimi (again).

Haimi at the time, had actually attempted to pickpocket Kieran. Instead of turning her over to the police, he asked her how much she wanted, handed it over and simply left. He did it, giving her the benefit of the doubt that it was needed for something important and that she resembled his sister Ciana. He figured he wouldn’t see her again anyway. But he did.

Within the week, he had a run in with a gang that he had had to kick out of the bar he took care of for harassing the waitresses. He won, but, that didn’t mean he wasn’t nearly beaten to death in the process. Haimi had witnessed the last minute of the fighting before coming to his aid and they’ve been friends ever since.

19 years old (Current): Still working as a bartender, Kieran had heard much about the titans from soldiers. Till then, that was enough for him to curb his curiosity. He didn’t need or have a very strong desire to join the Scouting Legion –which was his first choice if he were to join the armed forces. That was, until Haimi informed him that she wanted to join.


- Love: Originally, he hadn't thought about joining any part of the military. However, once Haimi announced her interest in the Scouting division, he followed. Being the protective older brother figure he is, he refuses to let her die --if he had anything to say about it. It is a familial love, not a romantic one.
- Obsession: Ever since a young age, Kieran has had a (somewhat) morbid interest in titans. They were creatures that made no sense no matter how long he'd watch them and try to analyze them. What was once innocent curiosity has begun to take root as an obsession of finding out the truth behind everything.
- Ideals: Throughout the years of caring for his sister, he'd tell her stories of a better world. A world without fear, without hate, without sadness. He spoke of a land brimming with riches, milk and honey that lay just beyond the walls. This was simply meant to make her feel better as he did not believe there was a possibility of living beyond the walls that confined them. After his sister passed, that fairy tale morphed into his future. To escape his own sorrows, he focused his all on achieving that far-fetched goal, training to become one with enough power to change the world. (As said before, he is extremely idealistic)
- Hate: When in combat, Kieran's pent up rage is unleashed. However, as it is illegal to simply go about killing other humans, he figured titan slaying would be therapeutic (Just wait for reality to slap you Kieran, just wait.).

Additional Information:

Evan | Haimi | Socializing | Women | Dogs | Hand-to-hand Combat | "Flying"
Bakers | Bread | Horses | Alcohol | Gambling | Loan Sharks | Being alone | Darkness
♫ He has an extreme case of equinophobia.
♫ Not a virgin.
♫ He has a scar on his right palm.
♫ The pendant around his neck contains his family’s portrait.
♫ He does not trust food that has not been prepared by him.
♫ He’s searching for his youngest sister, Aimee.
♫ He's the EXACT OPPOSITE of Evan (for comedy as well as dramatic tension).
♫ He's on the skinny side due to lack of food as a teenager, which also attributes to the fact that he now has a small appetite.
Hand-to-hand combat | Cooking | Instincts
Balance | Strategizing | Multitasking
Battle style:
Kieran attacks with speed and power. He believes the best defense to be the best offense, but that does not mean that he fails to train any defensive stances. He relies on experience and keen instinct during his fights. He rarely ever plans ahead or tries to come up with a strategy when fighting. During combat he tends to show absolutely no emotion which makes it difficult for the enemy to anticipate his next move.
Voice: [Link] [Link]

Battle Theme: [Link]
Hopeful Theme: [Link]
Sad Theme: [Link]

Warning Label:
✖ If you love your horse, don’t bring it near him. He may kill it.

✖ Don’t push him too far as he may snap. He’s still human despite his high tolerance level. Plus, darthrose doesn’t appreciate people who are too mean to her bbys coughcoughEvancoughcough.

✖ Don't become his love interest/crush if you want to remain a strong, independent lady value your freedom.


Chat | Notes | Docs

I am able to switch between styles depending on my partner’s preference, but I prefer paragraph format due to the cleaner and more ‘professional ‘ look. I sometimes roleplay crack as well. Fighting, Romance, Drama and Horror are my cups of tea, but make me role-play something that is of two characters having idle chatter about the weather for an hour, count me out.

(Something sad.)
Kieran: *He raised his head off the side of his sister’s bed, to hide the stinging tears that began to line the rims of his eyes. His sister. The only one he had left, was dying and it was all his fault. Why did he have to trust that man and accept the food despite having stolen from him in the past? How stupid! How could he have been so naï--*

Ciara: Kie… stop. You’re making that face again. *Came a weak voice from bone white lips that quivered into a smile. Her frail, tiny body was drenched in sweat. Her hand, cold, had found its way to her older brother’s cheek, resting against it softly. *

Kieran: *His head drooped, gaze cast to the taunting bed sheets, stained with flecks of dried blood.* Ah, yeah… sorry about that, Ci. *He forced a smile to grace his lips when he finally brought himself to face her again.*

Ciara: *She smiled apathetically at her brother and patted him once more of the cheek.* Don’t worry about me, okay? I’ll be o-- *Ciara’s body shudder once, bringing a raspy cough past her throat. Following the cough came a spray of blood, painting the blankets a bright crimson.* Ah—sorry… But, really, I’m okay. I’ll get better like you said. I’m not in pain. *Ciara fell quiet for a moment, knowing that her brother had picked up the lie. So, she simply rested her head deeper into her warmed pillow. Her body had reached its limit.* All I want… is to see you smile…. Okay…? *Her words were soft as her eyes began to droop against her will.* When I… wake up… I want… to… see… your… smile… okay…? *She turned to look up at her brother with a soft smile, eyes barely open.*

Kieran:…. Yeah, I’ll smile. For you… I’ll always smile. *Clutching his sister’s hand to his face, his lips were forced into a watery smile as his vision blurred with hot tears. He knew…. He knew she wasn’t going to wake up. He knew, he had to let her go.* Sweet dreams, Ci… *He whispered as he pressed his lips against her forehead just as her emerald eyes closed.* I’ll see you in the morning…

(Something common.)
Rays of sun filtered through the dust tinted windows of the barracks. Then, with a single sweeping motion, the dust was cleared and blinding rays lit the room.

Today was Kieran’s day to clean the windows. Not one of the most exciting of chores out there, but it was far better than having to clean the stables –a chore he traded for this. He shuddered and convulsed at the thought of dealing with those creatures. His fear of them was ionic due to the fact that everyone in the military would have to ride one at some point. But until that horrible day, he would be here. Cleaning windows.

Glancing outside, he spotted other trainees working on their balancing for the next task. Great. “This will hurt…” he muttered to himself, shaking his head with a sigh. He knew full well how terrible he was at balancing. All he could hope for was to not smash his face into the ground and quickly improve.

(Something angry/yandere. Continuation from Haimi's Lit RP)
He was quiet for awhile, struggling with the rage that was building up inside of him. Shutting his eyes to prevent her a window to that anger, he let out a heavy sigh through grit teeth.

"You want me to trust that you can take care of yourself... but then you say that you'll die anyway?? What kind of bullshit---!!"

Kieran stopped himself just short before he began to yell at the poor girl. His eyes widened and a look of pain flashed through his features before he quickly tore himself away from the girl. Turning away from her, he used a hand to clasp onto his face while the other one remained clenched. He did not want her to see the furious glare that marred his features. It was a look that made babies cry and hardened men cringe in fear. He could not let her see any more of that side of him. Just what was he going to her? What was he about to do to her...? Right there and then, the thought of tying and locking her up had entertained his thoughts, becoming a serious option for him. Ropes. Chains... An underground cellar in the woods... But...

His clenched fist collided with a supporting beam of the bar, splintering wood into his skin. The pain of doing so kept him from losing to his 'other' side. Taking a deep breath, he exhaled softly, forcing his contorted features to smoothen and calm. Slowly, he turned back to Haimi, features complacent and gentle as they always were.

"Haimi..." Lowering himself onto one knee, he brought his bloodied fist to his heart in the same salute as any soldier would give. "I swear to you. I'm not recklessly throwing my life away. I'm not going to die as easily as you think... So please, let me just be by your side... protect you for however long this miserable life of mine will allow."

((I swear they're not a couple or in love! I swear--- It's a familial love!))

Hope you had fun reading! :iconpapmingplz:
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